Business Model

When Juventus Consulting was founded, we faced a clear choice: attempt to be the best at what you do, or, be like the rest.

We chose the more labour intensive, more challenging and certainly more rewarding path of better service to clients and candidates alike.

For our clients, we followed the simple axiom that ‘Understanding our Mandate” is the foundation of success and the basis for our “Marching Orders”. We pride ourselves on our relationships with our clients, our partners really, and our ability to understand their requirements fully before we commit our resources to the search. We will ask how a role will evolve, what impact it will have on the organization and what the touch points are that will be crucial to the candidate’s success on the job.

For the candidates, we promised better selection, better evaluation, better representation, and in the end, better results for all. By following a “Best of breed” evaluation and vetting strategy, we have managed to tap into what most if not all candidates truly desire: An accurate representation of their skills, what they can do, what they can’t do, and where they fit in.

This simple approach, laden with much ground work, leg work and downright hard work, has proven to be the difference between relative success and real success.