Candidate Evaluation

The Juventus approach to candidate selection and vetting is based on our understanding of what matters to our clients, what they attach value to, and what candidates can expect working for them. Be they employees or Independent Contractors, candidates are subjected to evaluation in 5 distinct areas:

  • Technical Competency: Juventus relies on the technical expertise of its recruiters, almost all are I.T. or Engineering trained, to evaluate the skill level of candidates. We understand that technical competency is not the only pre-requisite for a successful hire, but it is the first benchmark, the price of entry.
  • Leadership Skills: We do not base our evaluation of this trait on a title, though official titles are certainly a clue. We define leadership as the ability to deal with change, the willingness to adapt to evolving circumstances and the aptitude to roll with the punches. We view change as the hallmark and defining characteristic of the I.T. Industry. Increasingly, our clients are placing much emphasis on this trait, we are as well.
  • Knowledge Transfer: Juventus places a high value on a candidate’s ability to impart or absorb knowledge, to work in a highly documented or loosely structured environment, and his/her awareness of the role Knowledge Transfer plays in the success of an organization.
  • Communication Skills: We all value the role communication plays in a business culture, it can often be the difference between what gets done and what gets done right.
  • Environmental Fit: Our pedigree and experience working with large enterprises and building software companies has taught us the value of placing the right candidate in the right environment. Not all candidates understand what “time to market” means, or what “time off in lieu” represents, nor what working in QA vertical at a large enterprise signifies. We make it our job to understand where a candidate comes from, where they fit in, and what they can expect working in our client’s environment.