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We at Juventus recognize that our clients will require us to put our thinking hats on and solve a unique problem with a unique solution.

Executive Search: Juventus understands the collaborative approach required to identify, represent and help our clients select the best candidates the market has to offer, no matter where they exist. Some relationships require a mutual commitment, we stand ready to enter such relationships. We have discreetly helped organizations of all sizes hire some of the more sensitive and pivotal management and executive team members.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing can, in some instances, R.P.O will be the right solution. Juventus will assume the responsibility for staffing a project, either on-site or off, and commit to aggressive deadlines and deliverables. Our ability to work with our client’s unique circumstances and challenges affords them a dynamism and flexibility not found in a traditional recruiting model.

Similarly, our International Recruitment initiative can identify, test and bring to Canada, with our client’s full participation, a pool of excellent I.T. talent that can and will become an integral part of their Software Development or Quality Assurance teams.